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Coach Can AkkayaQuestion…

…what would you say, if you’ve found a street rider motorcycle class which is held on small race tracks, and that you’ll be taught by a ex-pro racer who has designed this program first-hand?! Well, this is hard to beat already you might think…

And what, if this Cornering School let you use your own motorcycle without annoying track day preparations- or even let you use your regular street riding gear?!  Well, this is called a ‘no big deal’ situation I haven’t found with others you might think…

Nothing compares to Coach’s knowledge and the way he delivers. I’ve been in lots of riding schools, but how much racing have they done- some have amateur racing experience- most teachers have non- and some just copied from those schools who suppose to know. Make your research and see yourself!”  Bob S., Sacramento CA, Cornering School Day 1, 2 & 3

little-99-mapParking Lot Training Was Yesterday

Have you asked yourself if a parking lot and some cone drills are really helping for real live situations?! Instead- you could learn cornering from A to Z in classroom and track sessions, in an perfect environment to learn in. Thirteen tight turns where you need to get every skill you’ll learn down under Coach’s eyes- off and on the track.

The Stockton “Little 99” is the perfect track to learn the corning skills needed since the track is small and the turns are close together. I think this allows the rider to concentrate on the corning skills. Coach demonstrates or stops you when needed. ”  Arnt H., Concord CA, Cornering School Day 1, 2 & 3

Cornering School Day's by Superbike-Coach (2)Superbikecoach motorcycle street rider training

…because in carefully selected lectures, we teach you how to master your motorcycle with a ‘to the point’ knowledge other schools just don’t have. All subjects in this three days program are designed to make you to the better motorcycle rider.  An entertaining classroom- then out on the track with your Coach for riding and demonstrations.

Coach Can Akkaya is the first one who taught us to do trail braking, and his advanced counter steering demo is bad ass. Coach flicks a bike around in light speed- and power slides sideways out of the turn. This class is every penny worth it!” Helen, CSD 1, 2 & 3

Can Akkaya runs his popular cornering schoolA program which suits every street rider and bike

…no matter if you never hit the track before- no matter what type of bike you have- no matter where your skill level is… the Cornering School Day program will be right for you, because Headcoach Can Akkaya broke down MotoGP riding techniques to make them available for your purpose of riding.

I came up with my Harley, but Coach responded that everyone will get something out of it. He couldn’t have been more right. Coach could immediately see the fear and trepidation I had after my warm-up laps on the track, and put me in the group which matched my level. He was able to really hone in on what my fears were and give me advice that targeted MY issues.”  Ava D., Cornering School Day 1 & 2

Superbike-Coach photos for freeFree sport photography at our motorcycle classes and track days

…because, besides offering the excitement of riding a track and to receive top-notch coaching- Superbike Coach classes are coming with almost 2000 pictures free of charge by Dean Lonseky, as well as drinks and snacks throughout the day. You’ve gotta look out for a motorcycle riding school for a long time to get a loaded package like this which even includes track fees and does not require any bike preparation or track specific gear for $139. Good luck!

What an experience! These guys are like a family and I felt part of it. Everyone is so passionate with everything they do. They even organize food delivery. Perfect and unrivaled!”  Steve M., Cornering School Day 1, 2 & 3


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